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[A Must Read] One Compulsory Path You Must Follow If You Want To Succeed In 2019

As we wake up each day, We set out for our daily activities, hoping to come back home with some thing tangible.
Unfortunately, many work without any result and so, each day is more less like a new chapter for depression!
Conversely, some work and smile at the end of the day!
This make these if acclaimed unfortunate to feel they are unlucky!
Little did they not know that the path to fulfillment to everyone are not the same!
At time, you have to dig through!
You have to step on toes and be hated!
You have to be shaken and broken!
All these are not the determinant of fulfillment!
It’s just a path you can’t escape to fulfillment!
It’s just the painful path!
Astonishingly, some people won’t go through all these and still be fulfilled, they work as you do but with less stress, they face challenges also but conquer without being exhausted.
They are not religious as you neither do they have sacrificial heart like you.
Still, life seem pleasant to them!
Life smile at them without season!
And so their path to fulfillment is peaceful!
All these does not say they are better than you neither does it say you chose a wrong dream.
They are lucky to have a peaceful path to fulfillment!
Remember, the fact that someone has a peaceful path doesn’t mean their fulfillment can threaten your fulfillment neither does it mean theirs will be smoother than yours at the end just because yours is the painful path.
The race is not for the swift!
Besides, God is not partial!
One it her path, One thing is necessary and important Passion!
It is driving force to fulfillment on any path you are!
On the painful path, your passion conform your mind to positivity!
On the peaceful path, passion unfold you to current comfort and focus you on outstanding comfort!
Passion keeps hope alive, passion makes one to divorce weariness!
Passion leads to fulfillment!
The loss of passion on the journey to fulfillment is typically as troll without destination!
Either on the peaceful or the painful path, Your passion determines your level of fulfilment!
Peaceful or painful!!!
This post was written by – OLAYINKA EMMANUEL

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