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How to Get rid of Fake eczema easily (tinea Versicolor)


Tinea Versicolor also know as fake eczema

It has almost the same characteristics as eczema that why it's sometimes  called fake eczema in fact some people mistake it for eczema

  It is a skin condition that result from the over growth of a certain yeast on the body .it usually occurs during hot and humid weather condition.

1.Patches around the skin sometimes it appears to be single dot–like  rashes, which tend to have colour different from the normal skin colour of the infected person.
the colour is usually lighter when compared to the normal skin colour

2. It occurs mainly on skin around the back, arms, chest and neck regions

3. It itches at times during dry and humid weather conditions

5. It is irrespective of gender and age i.e it affect both male, female, young and old. It is very irritating but it don't seem dangerous to the health

There are some over counter products that can work perfectly on Tinea Versicolor these includes;

1. Selsun shampoo 2.5%w/v

2 .Ketoconazole tablets and tube (cream-like)

Selsun shampoo 2.5%w/v
Is best recommended .apply the Selsun shampoo on the affected areas and allow to dry up before you wash away. Apply it only when you want to take your bath. As a first timer to the product you have to apply it just twice in the first week then four times in a week for the next 4 weeks after then you can apply it once daily

There are some side effects  of using this product, these side effects include;

1. Stretch marks

2.Hair lost

3. Rashes

4. Sensitive smell after applying

Using Ketoconazole tube

Ketoconazole tube is a cream like which you have to apply after taking your  bath before bed time, in other to get awesome result  quickly

In less than a month you will start to see visible result. 

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