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How To Get Unlimited Data On Any Network Using Dent Android app

You can now get 990 dent points per referral instead of 270. Though Dent has the right to reduce the points anytime, any day
This app gives you 990 dent points on first sign up. Even at that, you still need to refer friends to earn more points.

The name of this app is called DENT. Unlike mCent browser, Dent is not a browser. Dent helps you topup data for a friend or family and also allow you earn free data of any network using the app. The app is available for Android v5+ users and also available in Nigeria, Mexico, United States and Brazil and lot more

Using the DENT App you can recharge your own phone or a loved-one from anywhere in the world. Simply choose a contact, select a top-up data amount and that's all. Very easy as that.

You can redeem your Dents as data. You can buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. The more Dents you have, the more data you will redeem. Interesting right?

  Download the app below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡and sign up

                       Click to Download Dent App

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