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7 Tested Tips That Might Save Your Life If A Snake Bites You (Must Read)

To be bitten by a snake is a serious problem. But do you know what a more serious problem is? Not knowing what to do if a snake bites you. Or a scorpion stings you.

Let me tell you a story. Few weeks ago, a friend called at about 11 Pm saying a snake had just bitten him.
He asked if I had an idea what should be done, and, well, I did. So I told him. And he’s fine now. But, what if I didn’t have an idea?
The next day, I decided to ask 9 random people if they knew what to do when bitten by a snake or stung by a scorpion. None of them knew.
Knowledge of snake-bite first aid can be the difference between death and survival for a person. While it is highly essential to get emergency treatment as quickly as possible, keep these tips in mind.
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Here are the 7 tips below;

1. Be Calm

Keep calm? When bitten by a snake? I know, I know it’s hard. But if you don’t keep calm, it would increase your heart rate leading to rapid spread of the venom because of increased blood flow.

2. Remove Clothing and Jewelry

The area surrounding the bite would swell so remove constricting clothing and jewelries.
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3. Don’t Use Pieces Of Clothes

You might think using a piece of cloth would stop the spread of the venom, you’re wrong.
A Piece of cloth could cut off blood flow completely. Use a bandage.

4. Bandage It

Bandage firmly and immobilize affected body part with a splint or stick. Then keep the bite area below heart level to slow blood flow.

5. Don’t Suck

Do not suck or cut the wound in an attempt to remove the venom. It could increase the chance of infection and cause needless additional injury.

6. No Water, No Food

This is a golden rule. To keep the metabolism at a low rate, the victim shouldn’t eat or drink, especially caffeine beverages and alcohol.

7. Remember the details

Try to remember the color, shape of the snake and also the time of the bite. It would help in identification and treatment of the bite.
If you didn’t see the snake though, leave it don’t chase it. Not all snakes are venomous, but all snakebites should be treated as venomous.
Seek medical attention immediately. Scorpion Bites Scorpion stings can be quite painful so it is okay to use over-the-counter painkillers to reduce the pain and discomfort.
Ibuprofen and Aspirin could help. But most importantly, seek medical attention immediately.

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